Quelques dates

1961-1989 La naissance, le décollage, la perte de vitesse…

1989-1994 Mise en œuvre du plan de redressement

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  • Brad Fallon


    Thank you for the information. I believe you are right, the SGBCI does seem to have taken over the whole building. It is a fine looking office building!!

    Many thanks


  • Ibrahima Barry


    The former Air Afrique building still standing up.

    This building was shared with a BANK (SGBCI), I think that the bank took over all the building (not sure – needs to be confirmed).

    The street’s (actually the AVENUE) name is : Avenue Joseph Anoma.

  • Brad Fallon

    Is the old headquarters of Air Afrique still standing, or was it demolished? Does anyone remember what street and where it was??

    It looked like a beautiful building. Cote d’Ivoire issued a postage stamp on February 4, 1967, commemorating the opening of the building.



  • PLAZANET François

    Ancien d’RK du 10/02/1968 au 01/10/1984 (16 ans 1/2), j’ai gardé quelques dates relative à la vie d’RK :
    28/04/1968: le Togo adhère à RK
    08/1970: le Cameroun quitte RK
    1971: RK commande 2 DC10
    1972: le Mali adhère à RK
    27/10/1976: départ d’RK du D.G. Jean Cadéac d’Arbaud,
    01/06/1977: le Gabon quitte RK
    30/11/1984: 1ère soirée RK à Novotel Bagnolet(Paris)salle Orly, organisée par Gaertner (RK Paris-R.Colisée)

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